Editing Only, Music Video


March 29, 2017

ITACARAÍ: Music by Tuca Milan written in Tupi-Guarani words.
Arranged by Let Drum Beat

On the video:
Alba – Guitar & Ganza
Bea – Caxixis
Lizzie – Caixa do Divino
Tuca – Caixa do Divino

On the original soundtrack ITACARAI:
Alba Cabral: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Gungas, Ganza.
Bea Shantifa: Vocal
Lizzie Ogle: Vocal.
Marta Riccardi: Electric Bass
Tuca Milan: Vocal, Caixa do Divino, Gungas, Caxixi, Agogo, Xequere, Sementes & field recording in Sao Paulo.

Recorded by David Bryceland at Stables Studio – London / UK 2016
Mixed & Mastered by Enrico de Paoli – RJ / Brazil.

Filmed by Tatu Mantovani.
Edited by Anand Singh

Logo by Prila Paiva – Estudio OcaHaru – SP / Brazil.